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Dr. Lili Fan Vegan Probiotic Skincare

Probiotic Age-Defying Eye Serum

Probiotic Age-Defying Eye Serum

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Reverse the signs of aging with the Probiotic Age-Defying Eye Serum. Formulated with powerful probiotics to fight wrinkles and reduce the appearance of fine lines, puffiness, and dark circles, you can feel confident knowing your eyes will look brighter and younger. For maximum benefits, pair with the Probiotic Eye Repair Cream by applying the Eye Serum first, then the Eye Cream. Unlock your youthful glow today!

NOTE: We are in the process of transitioning packaging. As such, the packaging you receive may be different. Our formula remains the same. 

Key Ingredients

Vitamin C:  is an anti-oxidant
and a co-factor for an enzyme crucial in the synthesis of collagen. it provides
important protection against damage induced by UV radiation. It improves skin elasticity, decreases wrinkles by stimulating collagen synthesis, reduces
redness, promotes wound healing etc.

Special patented Peptide: is an association of two matrikines that
lessens under eye dark circles. These reinforce firmness and tone of the eye area, as well as activate the elimination of blood originated pigments responsible for dark circle color and local inflammation.

Hyaluronic Acid: molecule holds a thousand times its weight in water to not only retain all that moisture in our skin, but also prevent all that moisture from evaporating into the air to provide intense hydration. It can replenish the moisture that aging skin is lacking and improve the appearance of fine lines and make the skin looks more smooth. It can be used on all skin types, even sensitive and acne- and rosacea-prone skin.

Rice protein,Lactobacillis/Ulkenia Ferment Extract Filtrate, Bifida Ferment Lysate: new and Powerful Probiotic complex. It
helps to hydrate and soothe irritated skin, giving skin a healthy glow. It can also protect skin against damage caused by free radicals. Boost the skin’s
immune system and restore a healthy pH balance to the skin


  • Decreases appearance of dark circles, puffiness and fine lines
  • Helps reveal a smoother and younger look
  • Moisturizes delicate skin

Directions for use

Use one pump of the serum. Pat around eyes avoiding lashes.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Bye Dark Circles!

I have struggled with dark circles under my eyes-this product paired with the under eye cream has eliminated my raccoon eyes. Love that I can apply the moisturizer and feel confident enough to go without make up (something I never would have done before). Nice light citrus scent and no greasy feeling. Love Lili Fan products!

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I have tried many eye creams over the years! Dr. Lili Fan products are my favorite! I use this serum, followed by the eye cream, and I love the results. The products minimize fine lines and no more bags under my eyes! You won't be disappointed by these products!

Cindy P
It really works!

The best eye product on the market!! This product reduces those circles & puffy lids that give you hooded eyes. It is holy Grail status, I can't live without it.


If I could shout this from a mountain-top I would. Absolutely Life-Changing!! This is it, this IS the product that will help those circles, eyelid creepiness, puffy eyes, etc... I know, I have all those and this is the ONLY product (way better than caffeine) that I could feel & see the difference overnight!! This is serious skincare, if you're over 50, you need this in your life! You will feel it working immediately!! This is worth the money, just try it once. I had full faith in just the eye cream until I tried this serum and realized these 2 together are all I need to fix the damage and be able to wear all the beautiful shadows & shimmers at 53 yrs old. Most eye products make my very sensitive eyes worse (I have a hard time even using lash serum or balms with natural fragrance to clean my face) and this actually IMPROVES my eyes! This stuff is what you need, I say that after 4 yrs of searching. I challenge every mature Beauty Influencer on YouTube to try this product for 1 week and tell me it doesn't improve the look, the feel & texture around your eyes?? I've NEVER said this about another product and won't be looking anymore! I want to try every product in this line!!