In-Home Spa Treatment

Indulge in a blissful escape without leaving the comfort of your own home with our exquisite in-home spa treatment. These recommended products and steps will will leave you feeling relaxed and glowing.

Step 1: Probiotic Balance Cleanser

Our Probiotic Balance Cleanser will deeply penetrate your skin, strengthen its immune system, and leave your face feeling smooth and clean.

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Step 2: All-in-One Microdermbrasion Kit

Our two-step All-in-One Microdermabrasion Kit uses three different forms of Vitamin C to remove dead skin cells, leaving fresh skin that is red carpet ready and glowing like a celebrity.

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Step 3: Marine Gel Mask

Our Marine Gel Mask deeply hydrates your skin and creates a cooling sensation, which makes it a fantastic next step in your routine.

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Step 4: Probiotic Recovery Cream

Our Probiotic Recovery Cream restores your skin, combats inflammation, and leaves your skin looking smooth and radiant. It is the final step in elevating your skincare routine.

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