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At Un ltered Experience, this past Saturday in Las Vegas, Nevada, Dr. Lili Fan was showcasing her newly launched eponymous brand of skin and body care, formulated with lactobacillus—notably, a strain of the microorganism that is not the product of fermented dairy. 

Dr. Lili Fan has an impressive track record inventing, formulating, and manufacturing for renowned brands in the beauty and personal care industry. And now, she’s building her own brand; a probiotic beauty line for conscious consumers. 

The Dr. Lili Fan brand has been in development since 2014. And just last year at Cosmoprof North America, Fan launched the brand, which currently comprises several facial skin care products, an eye cream, as well as a couple of body care products. 

Vegan beauty 

Mission-driven brands and consumer demand for cruelty free beauty have broadened the clean and green movements beyond their natural boarders (if you will). And, now concepts like mindful beauty and vegan beauty have captured consumer attention. 

Probiotic beauty, as promising as it is in terms of emerging science and skin wellness, doesn’t work in that context: a preponderance of products currently on the market are not vegan friendly. 

According to Lumina Intelligence data from December 2018, Lactobacillus strains account for all of the top 5 “most common species in probiotic cosmetics.” And data published by con rms that “fermented dairy products with active bacterial cultures are one of the most common sources of probiotics.” 

Award winning 

E cacy is everything. Expect that in the current consumer climate, trusted recommendations and brand values hold quite a bit of weight as well, which is why so many innovative new brands team up with in uencers who share their values and can show their products in a relatable lifestyle context. 

At this month’s Un ltered Experience in Las Vegas (a new industry trade show where brands and in uencers connect), the Dr. Lili Fan brand won the event’s 2019 SociaLike award in the DIY category (having been in 1/2 

8/2/2019 Vegan probiotic beauty has arrived, and it’s winning hearts and minds 

competition with the mainstay DIY hair color brand Manic Panic, the newly launched kids’ blend-it-your-self bath brand dabble & dollop, among others). 

Votes from social media—comments on InstaGram—many of which came from in uencers, media, and other professionals as well as consumers in attendance at Un ltered Experience, decide the award winners in each category of the SociaLike awards

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