With summer nearly over, it’s time to start getting back into your early morning routines. More likely than not, you have gone to the beach at least once. To get rid of those damaging sunburns, we highly recommend this very popular regimen.

Step 1: Clean your face using our Probiotic Balance Cleanser. This cleanser is organic sugar-based, has no harsh chemicals, and will leave your skin feeling extremely soft. It feels like a moisturizer!

Step 2: Exfoliate using our Probiotic All-in-One Microdermabrasion Kit. This two step, in-home spa treatment includes vitamin C coated crystals followed by an activating gel, leaving your skin red carpet ready! You will see and feel the difference instantly!

Step 3: Use our Probiotic Defense Toner. This toner boosts your body’s defense system and leaves your skin feeling tight and even-toned.

Step 4: Use our Probiotic Recovery Cream. This cream is infused with peptides and Vitamin C, making your skin look brighter and younger!

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