A visionary entrepreneur and scientist with an uncanny ability to consistently identify the coming needs of the beauty industry, often years before others. She has a strong belief that there are two forms of aging: genetic and environmental, and that environmental aging can be altered.

She has become a transformational force in the cosmeceutical personal care industry,delivering patent-pending anti-aging SCSTM (stem cell stimulation) and patentedpeptide technologies, along with numerous others that are commercially used in top ranked skincare products.

An experienced biochemist, microbiologist and practicing ophthalmologist, Dr. Fan led in the development of human cell culture methods for the determination of efficacy and safety of potential cosmeceutical bioactives. This methodology allows complete replacement of animal testing for human topical products.

She has written extensively on collagen, the effects of retinoid acid and intraocular lens implantation. In addition to her patented anti-aging product development, she also conducts research projects at Louisiana State University Health Science Center.She is based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.